Inforce has for in excess of five years acted as an adviser and consultant to The National Commission for the Fight against Genocide (CNLG); the Government appointed body responsible for the preservation of all Genocide Sites throughout Rwanda. The CNLG is charged on behalf of the victims and survivors of the Genocide with preserving the memory and evidence both in respect of the remains of the victims or relevant historical and evidential artefacts.

Inforce personnel have worked in territory at a number of sites including Murambi, Nyamata, Ntarama, Kinazi and Nyarubuye and in addition to field work Alan McClue Angela Whitworth and Amanda Roberts made several presentations at a major international conference in Kigali. Subsequent to the proposals made at the Conference Alan McClue and Roland Wessling addressed a committee of Parliamentarians in the Rwanda parliament.

00 LP Rwanda

Some of the 700 limed remains at Murambi where in excess of 45000 victims of the Genocide were killed.

Arising from this the CNLG placed a contract with Inforce for the design and manufacture of a mobile laboratory and the purchase of associated scientific equipment for use at a number of Genocide sites in realtion to scientific, humanitarian, conservation, preservation, training and educational purposes (including the training of Rwandan CNLG staff as part of Inforce’s commitment to capacity building in territory). In addition to the Laboratory which is currently awaiting shipment to Rwanda Inforce designed and manufactured a number of acrylic chambers or caskets which will be used in the preservation of remains at Murambi. These were recently shipped to Rwanda from the UK. Inforce will work with colleagues in the CNLG on a programme that will preserve a number of remains of victims of the 45000 plus victims of the Genocide at Murambi. As part of the programme, Inforce has also developed and tested a process that will control the entomological infestation and the active chemical process in the limed remains that the subject of preservation at Murambi.

When both the Laboratory and the caskets arrive in Rwanda an Inforce Commissioning Team (consisting of Angela Whitworth and Emily Norton) will travel to Rwanda to commission the laboratory and scientific equipment prior to further Inforce teams members, joining them to commence field work.

It is expected that the project work will last for at least a year and three-person anthropologist and archaeologist teams working approximately 10 week rotations will be joined as required by Forensic Radiographers: Mark Viner, Mark Farmer. The team will also be joine by and Forensic Photographer Tim Loveless (as and when required). At all stages of our work Inforce will train their CNLG colleagues who will also be present throughout the life of the project.

Approximately a dozen personnel, from a wide range of countries, have applied to Inforce for deployment to Rwanda and have received training. To date Damian Evans, Deborah Harrison, Deborah Gulliver, Amanda Roberts, Tanya Leakey, Alan McClue, Emily Norton, Roland Wessling and Angela Whitworth have either worked in territory or made a significant contribution in the planning and logistics of the project. Inforce is grateful to them all for their efforts.

04 LP Rwanda

The Rwandan Mobile Laboraty created by Inforce.

03 LP Rwanda

An assortment of knives and other weapons recovered by the Inforce team from a Genocide site at Ntarama.

01 LP Rwanda

A skull showing evidence of sharp instrument trauma.

05 LP Rwanda

An acrylic caskets designed by Inforce.

The Rwanda Mobile Laboratory (RML) is commissioned.

After many months of planning, construction and testing, the Rwanda Mobile Laboratory has now been commissioned and has gegun service with the National Commission for the Fight Against Geneocide (CNLG). The containerised laboratory is kitted out with all the equipment and consumables necessary for its role in preserving evidence in respect of the remains of the victims, relevant historical items and evidential artefacts.

Inforce personnel led by Angela Whitworth carried out the Commissioning of the Laboratory which proceeded an official visit by a senior contingent from CNLG led by The Hon Mucyo. Angela and the Inforce team welcomed the visitors and, as a part of a tour of the facilities now available to CNLG, explained the purpose of some of the key equipment.