Roland Wessling

Roland is a forensic archaeologist with high level IT and administration skills. Originating from Hamburg, Germany, Roland undertook two years national service before he read physics and astronomy for two years at Hamburg University, followed by archaeology, law and soil sciences for a further two years. He came to the UK in 1996 to read BSc Archaeological Sciences at Sheffield, and finally MSc Forensic Archaeology at Bournemouth. Since that time he has worked on international cases in Bosnia, Croatia for the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), as well as domestic criminal cases in Germany and the UK. He has been deployed on forensic operations in Cyprus and Iraq for the inforce Foundation and was one of the Senior Archaeologists of the excavation of 250 British and Australian Soldiers from WWI in Fromelles, France, on behalf of Oxford Archaeology.

When not on deployment, Roland has run forensic training workshops and has been guest lecturer in Germany and the UK. He regularly contributes to inforce’s training and exercise programmes and workshops for forensic scientists and police forces, mostly in the UK, but also in Colombia and teaches regularly at California State University, Chico, USA, as well as being one of the authors and an editor of the Cox, et al., 2007, The Scientific Investigation of Mass Graves: Towards Protocols and Standard Operating Procedures, New York: CUP.

Roland currently employed by Cranfield University as a part-time Research Fellow in Forensic Archaeology & Anthropology. He is module leader of two MSc modules. He has also just completed a large-scale geophysical surveying project in the Ukraine, searching for mass graves from WWII and Stalin era, and a smaller survey of a historic glassworks in Germany, for which he now prepares an excavation proposal that could see next year’s Forensic Programme students travelling to Germany for their module Practical Archaeological Excavation.

His current inforce work includes the preparation and deployment of DVI exercises for UK Police Forces and he will be leading the Project Management Team for the upcoming deployment of the Rwanda Mobile Laboratory Operation. He is also planning to begin a part-time research project into Mass Grave Detection Methodology at Cranfield University, hopefully resulting in a PhD at the end of it.

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